Be Ready Riverton

Emergency Preparedness

Dear Riverton Resident,
As Mayor of Riverton City, I understand it is not the responsibility of government to take care of every family in the City during an emergency, but  it is the responsibility of each family to prepare and take care of their family first, then assist their neighbor. However, as Mayor, I feel a heavy burden and responsibility to the citizens of Riverton and know that if we work together, we will be better prepared as a community  in the case of an emergency. Please take  time to visit with the members of your family, with your neighbors and with your neighborhood Block Captain concerning emergency preparedness. I encourage you to get your family ready for an emergency in the following areas:

Family Preparedness:
  • Include a family meeting place for a home emergency (Front yard, neighbor, etc)
  • Family meeting place in case of a neighborhood emergency (Church, School, etc)
  • Collect an updated 72-Hour emergency supply kit for each member of your family
  • Know how to go powerless
Community Preparedness:
  • Become a volunteer– Register for a CERT class or become a Block Captain
  • Know Your Neighborhood- Contact your Block Captain to report family information that might be helpful in the case of an emergency.
  • Learn First Aid.
School Preparedness:
  • Inform yourself as to the individual school preparedness plan and discuss it with your family.
  • Test emergency plans with your family as if the emergency occurs while your child is in school.
  • Obtain emergency supplies that would aid your child at school in case of a daytime emergency.
For additional information concerning family emergency preparedness, please visit Thank you for your support.
~ Mayor Bill Applegarth