Building Department

Building Department


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Riverton City Building Department enforces the building codes as adopted by the state of Utah
which currently is the 2015 ICC code cycle, and 2014 NEC electrical code.

How Close Can I Build to My Property Line?
The distance between a structure and the property line is called the "setback". There are several factors that determine how close to a property line a home, garage, or other structure can be placed. In single-family residential zones of the City, setbacks to the side property line for a home are 8 and 10 feet, with the 10 foot setback on the garage side of the home. The front and rear setbacks for a home vary depending on the zoning of the property, but typically are 25 feet in the front, and 25 feet in the rear. For accessory buildings such as garages or sheds, the setbacks are five feet to the side and rear, and 10 feet of separation from the main structure. Barns or agricultural buildings must be a minimum of 40 feet from any structure. Please contact the Planning Department for detailed information on the required setbacks for each individual zone.

In Riverton City, setbacks are measured from the foundation of the structure to the property line.

On many lots, a public utility easement (PUE) has been reserved on some or all of the property lines to facilitate installation and maintenance of public utilities such as gas and electric lines. If a public utility easement exists on a property line, no structure can be built within that easement without a release from all of the utility companies, regardless of Riverton City’s setback allowances.

If you have any questions regarding property line setbacks, or regarding public utility easements, please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (801) 208-3138.