Riverton City

License Types
If you are planning on owning or operating a business within the Riverton City boundaries, it is necessary to obtain a business license. Before submitting a Riverton City business license application, you will first need to register your business name and obtain an entity number from the State of Utah. After you have registered with the state, you can submit a Riverton City business license application.

There are three types of business licenses in Riverton City:

  1. Commercial: A commercial business is a business located in a commercial zone.
  2. Simple Permit/Home Occupation: A business located in the home, but which does not impact a neighborhood: i.e., no deliveries, no employees, no retail sales at the home site, no signage, no on or off street parking or storage of inventory or materials.
  3. Conditional Use/Home Occupation: A business located in a home, such as a Daycare, Preschool, Beauty Shop, etc. 
Click here to find contact information for the Riverton City Business Licensing Office.

License Fees
Riverton City is proud to be a business-friendly city and offer a $0 commercial business license.

Business Licenses / Permits Annual Fee
Simple Home Permit/Home Occupation Business License $0
Commercial Business License Fee $0
Conditional Use Permit/Home Occupation $0
Building Inspection (new application only) $47
Additional Charge Items Annual Fee
Amusement Device $35
Pool Table $25
Beer $200
Fireworks $250