Get Involved

Photo of shovels and rakes for Riverton City service project
At the heart of every city are the people and organizations that contribute to enhancing its beauty and contributing to the quality of life experienced by its citizens. Volunteering to serve throughout the community is a Riverton City tradition and a way of life that helps make it a great place to live.

Thank you to the many scouts, youth groups, young adults, families, and business organizations who have already served and to those who will continue to make a difference in our City. 

Scroll down to see  a list of our current volunteer opportunities. 

Race Day Volunteers InformationRace Day Volunteers Contact: Recreation Coordinator Ben Dayley at (801) 208-3121 or bdayley@rivertoncity.com

Flowerbed Cleanup Volunteer Information
Flowerbed Cleanup Contact: Park Superintendent Marty Sheide at (801) 208-3149 

Tree Ring Barking Volunteer Information
Tree Ring Barking Contact: Urban Forester Patrick "Roman" Williams at (801) 208-3119 or pwilliams@rivertoncity.com