Riverton City

Preserving Our History

A Knowledge of our Past Provides a Sense of Our Future Potential

historic-old-dome-churchHistoric Preservation is a process of protecting our local history through the identification of unique places that tell our story. Riverton City's Historic Preservation Commission aims to identify, preserve, protect and enhance historic buildings, sites, monuments, streetscapes and landmarks within the city that are deemed historically significant. Protecting such historic sites and structures will enable present and future residents of Riverton to connect with the past in a unique way. The sites and structures will be preserved for the use, observation, education, pleasure and general welfare of present and future residents of our City.

We need the help of you, the residents of Riverton. As the Commission works to create the Riverton historic sites list, we need help from the public in identifying buildings, structures, objects or sites within Riverton city that are of historic significance. In order to qualify, a site must be located within the official boundaries of Riverton; be at least 75 years old; and cannot not have any major alterations or additions that have obscured or destroyed its significant historic features.

If you would like to recommend a building, structure, object or site that meets the above requirements to be considered for the Riverton City Historic Sites List, please email the Historic Preservation Commission at hpc@rivertoncity.com