With School Back in Session, UPD Riverton Reminds Motorists to Be Cautious

school-crossingsThe Unified Police Department – Riverton Precinct would like to remind motorists to be extremely cautious now that school is back in session throughout the Jordan School District. To help protect that which is most precious to our community, our children, UPD offers the following reminders:

  1. Be mindful of school zones. We have gone all summer with the school zone signs being off. Please be observant while diving through them and obey the speed reduction. A car traveling at 20 MPH can still cause severe injury to a pedestrian, so be extra vigilant.
  2. Stay off your electronic devices. Distracted driving is illegal, but more importantly, individuals using electronic devices while driving drive at the same impairment as an intoxicated driver at a 0.15 blood alcohol content (BAC) level. That is nearly two times the legal limit and soon to be three times the new legal limit (.05 BAC effective January 1, 2019).
  3. Stop signs, cross walks and crossing guards. Most of our schools are in our neighborhoods. There are stop signs, cross walks and crossing guards all around our schools. Please be extra careful to come to a complete stop at stop signs, watch for pedestrians in cross walks and follow the commands of our crossing guards.
  4. Citations. Citations for any of the violations above can be costly; however, when they are in a school zone, the fine increases dramatically. No one likes getting a citation and officers do not like giving them out, but our officers and traffic cars will be in force around our schools as a reminder of the rules. Please drive safe and be observant.

***Remember kids are not as visible as adults, even on bicycles. They are shorter and more difficult to see out of our vehicles.***