Utah Lake Distributing Canal Closed for Remainder of Season; Riverton's Secondary Water System Impacted

utah-lake-distribution-canal-webRiverton City has been notified by Utah Lake Distributing Canal officials that the canal has been shut down due to required engineering and geotechnical work. This unforeseen shutdown will cause fluctuation’s in Riverton City’s secondary water system’s pressure for users in the area between 2300 W and 3200 W, as a pump station on that canal will no longer be able to provide water.

City officials are taking every action possible to stabilize pressure and provide enough water from other sources, but dips in pressure will likely continue for secondary water system users in the affected area.

As a reminder, all secondary water in the city will be shut off on October 15, as per usual, until next spring.

Media Contact:
Casey Saxton
Director of Communications