Riverton's Culinary Water System is Safe, Secure & Reliable; Residents Encouraged to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts in Event of Water Quality Issue

Culinary WaterIn light of recent events outside of our city, it’s important for residents to know that the Riverton City culinary water system is safe, secure and reliable. The city currently meets all state and national regulatory requirements for culinary water distribution, resulting in a safe and effective culinary water system. This includes testing multiple times per week and adherence to state and federal standards. The city contracts with Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District as the wholesale provider of our culinary water. JVWCD has many controls and safeguards in place to ensure the water they provide is safe and clean, including frequent testing, automatic shutdown procedures, level sensors, flow meters, scale weight, and quality alarms.

Should a quality issue ever arise that would impact the health and safety of residents, Riverton City will notify residents via email, and will post updates on the city website and social media pages. ALL residents are encouraged to subscribe to email updates from the city. Depending on severity, Riverton City may also work through Salt Lake County Emergency Management to send out a reverse 911 emergency notification. In that case, landline telephone numbers should all receive the call. Residents with cell phones, VoIP, or with home phones from a cable provider will need to expressly opt-in to receive emergency notifications.