Riverton City Secondary Water Update: 7/18/16

Riverton, Utah – July 18, 2016 – In response to the Utah Lake algae bloom and advisories from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Riverton City secondary water system is shut down for an indefinite period of time. The shutdown was initiated on Saturday by Mayor Bill Applegarth as a precautionary measure. It will continue until the algae and toxicity issues are resolved, and authorities including the DEQ and Salt Lake County Health Department confirm that use of the irrigation water is once again safe.

Utah Lake is used as a main source for Riverton City’s secondary water supply. Concerns about the secondary water do not apply to the City’s culinary water source, the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWDC). Residents can be assured that all culinary water is safe to consume and use for outdoor purposes. The public is advised that any modifications made by property owners to connect irrigation/watering systems to a culinary water source must be done according to specifications provided on the City website and must be inspected and approved by a City official before being implemented. Any attempts to use culinary water systems for irrigation watering without the proper approval can cause a severe health threat to the community and will result in criminal prosecution and civil liability.

The Salt Lake County Health Department is advising that fruits and vegetables watered with the secondary water supply must not be consumed. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) also continues to advise that alternate water sources be used for crops, livestock and other animals. 

We ask that residents be prepared. Since algae blooms can last for days or weeks, and toxins can last for up to five days following a bloom, response agencies don’t expect to know for at least a week when water from Utah Lake and the Jordan River can be used again safely.

Additional information can be found by linking to the latest press release from the DEQ and will continue to be shared with our community as it becomes available. Postings will be made to our website and social media channels every day this week and as needed until the situation is resolved.

Updates can be found at: www.rivertoncity.com, on Facebook at /RivertonCityUtah, and Twitter @RivertonCity.