Riverton City Secondary Water Use Must Slow Down or Risk Potential Shut Off by State Engineer

In response to an advisory about extremely low water levels in Utah Lake and the potential shut off of the water that supplies the City’s secondary water system, the Riverton City Council is considering the adoption of a Mandatory Watering Schedule that would be implemented for the rest of this year’s irrigation system, next Tuesday, August 9.

Residents are encouraged to Act Now to avoid the potential shut off of secondary water usage.

The proposed water schedule is outlined as follow:


Please note: Proposed water restrictions apply only to the Riverton City Secondary Water System. Irrigation water from other sources (ie: culinary connections, private wells, etc.) are not included in the restriction. This restriction is in response to a lack of water available in Utah Lake. It is not associated with the recent algal bloom issues. City Council is reaching out to cooperate with surrounding communities to make similar efforts in secondary water conservation.

 Attend City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 9 at 6:30 p.m. or listen in to live audio streaming

 *No irrigation will be allowed on Sunday. This day will provide time for the secondary system to regain pressure each week.  We would strongly encourage reducing irrigation times and frequency as much as possible.