New Flags Provide Extra Crosswalk Safety

New flags to help increase pedestrian safety are now in place at the intersection of 12600 South and 2700 West. The brightly colored orange flags are being implemented as an additional measure to improve safety at this busy intersection that connects residents to local businesses, as well as three public schools—Riverton High School to the north, and Southland Elementary and Oquirrh Hills Middle School to the south.   Seeing the success of this type of program in other cities, especially in the downtown Salt Lake City area, Council member Paul Wayman introduced the idea of utilizing flags, which was unanimously approved the Riverton City Council. “I live nearby this intersection and have watched the amount of traffic as well as the number of crossing pedestrians increase over the years. After researching ways that we could improve our growing needs for safety, this type of program really stood out.”

A crew from the City’s Public Works department recently installed flag holders and acquired the flags that will be overseen by Councilman Wayman. While the intersection currently includes a pedestrian bridge and a crossing guard for elementary school students, many high school students and residents continue to cross the roads within this heavily-trafficked intersection throughout the day. Use of the flags is hoped to improve awareness of crossing pedestrians and alert drivers of their intent to cross.

Utilizing the flags is easy. Individuals and groups pick up a flag from one side of the street and then simply deposit their flag into the holder on the other side, leaving it ready to use for the next crossing pedestrian. Mayor Applegarth: “Our goal is to continually improve City services and safety. This idea provides added safety at minimal cost to the City. As the use of these flags continues to be monitored along with the impact they have on overall safety, implementation in other areas of the City will be considered.”