Outstanding Community Partner: Riverton Hospital

November 12, 2017 - Riverton City is pleased to recognize Intermountain® Riverton Hospital for their efforts in secondary water conservation during 2016.

In addition to providing quality care to patients and their visiting families every day, Riverton Hospital extends its service by promoting personal wellness and community-wide vitality with its many local sponsorships and City support. This past summer, Riverton Hospital once again demonstrated its commitment to a healthy Riverton as the first commercial organization to respond to much-needed conservation efforts. With 42-acres of land along the corner of 12600 South and Bangerter Highway, Riverton Hospital voluntarily discontinued all use of secondary water for two weeks after the announcement of an extreme water shortage at Utah Lake. Their efforts then continued with meaningful adjustments to the watering schedule throughout the rest of the season. The grass may have turned yellow but their sacrifice for the betterment of our community was seen and appreciated the most.

Thank you Riverton Hospital for being an outstanding community partner in Riverton City!