UFA Modifies Staffing and Implements Efficiency Changes

With a number of changes taking place within the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) over the past year, the newly appointed Chief, Dan Petersen, has taken the opportunity to review the organization’s staffing and response configuration for each of their service areas. As part of this review, local residents will see adjustments that include updates to existing response models and the closure of Riverton Fire Station 120 (13000 S. 2700 W.).

UFA Response Area Map 1After the Draper exit from UFA, an overlap in City coverage was created between Fire Stations 120 and 124. Average calls to Fire Station 120 have included less than one call per day and the station is flanked on both sides by other Riverton UFA stations that provide the four minute travel time requirement for tUFA Response Area Map 2he City. Therefore, the decision was made to close this station and utilize its manpower to improve staffing and increase efficiency at the adjacent Riverton Fire Station—Station 121 (4146 W. 12600 S.).

UFA Battalion Chief Michael White outlined the changes taking place within the City to the Mayor and City Council Members, highlighting the following benefits:
  • Maintenance of Advanced Life Support (ALS) response time of 4 minutes or less
  • Decrease of out of service time on medical calls
  • Increase of time available in area coverage
  • Release of heavy rigs from traveling to hospital
  • Free up Paramedics from having to transport Basic Life Support (BLS)

“The result of these changes is not the loss of a fire station,” expressed Riverton City Council Member and UFA Board Chairman Sheldon Stewart. “It is about the ultimate improvement of “in-service” capability through strategic staffing increases and improved procedures that allow UFA to respond faster and more efficiently to more emergencies each day.”

As UFA officials reported, modifications in Riverton City and other service areas are quite substantial and reflect both practical and fundamental changes in the response philosophy adhered to for years. The public can be assured that there will be continuous monitoring and re-evaluation to ensure that UFA is consistently meeting the needs of the public they serve.
Click here to see Response Time Maps for Fire Stations 121 and 124. 

Additional questions can be directed to Chief Steve Prokopis sprokopis@unifiedfire.org.

To read the complete press release from the UFA, visit: www.unifiedfire.org