Water News: Winterizing Your Secondary System

Please leave your secondary ball valve open for 30 days. Homeowners using a hose bib attachment need to remove the hoses. If you have above ground PVC piping that’s attached to the ball valve, be sure the pipe is drained before storage.

If you have the “swing with RPZ valve,” disconnect the swing from the supply line you are using, leave the secondary valve open and the culinary stop-n-waste valve turned off. The RPZ should be removed from the piping with the stand pipes covered. It is recommended that the RPZ valves be turned at a 45-degree angle and stored in an area to protect from freezing.

Residents are responsible for draining their own sprinkler systems. The Water Department’s responsibility stops at the secondary stop-n-waste, and the culinary water meter.

Please make sure the metal lid covering the culinary water meter is on tight and does not have a gap for cold air to enter. We will remind residents to close the secondary ball valve before the system is tested and filled for next spring. Ball valves can be closed mid-November.

For questions and additional information, contact the Water Department at (801) 208-3164 or email jleavitt@rivertoncity.com.